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25 Deep Quotes that make you Think

As the world that has been created is the process of the thinking of people and hence it can only be changed when you change your thinking. If I were to become tree instead of human being then I would have no reasons to love human beings. There are times when your light shines very brightly which results in blinding people so that they can’t see who you really are. I wish to be like water so that I can slip through the fingers but hold the ship up. I don’t know how to think less and if you know then please teach me. We are unable to create life but we can easily create death. Lies can hurt people but imagination can make life more fun. If the thoughts are very deeper than it can become taller with each passing day. A big man can laugh easily but it requires bigger men who can laugh at himself.


25 Deep Quotes that make you Think #Deep #Quotes


25 Deep Quotes that make you Think #Deep #Quotes



25 Deep Quotes that make you Think #Deep #Quotes

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