41 Inspiring Quotes About Relationship

“I love you” isn’t about what you think it looks like romantic dates and holding hands, it’s about care and love.
“I love you” is taking responsibility of someone when they’re hurt, drunk and throwing up.
“I love you” is not just by sex and laughing together it’s through with each other on difficult time.”
“I love you” is talking what your morning breath smells at like.
“I love you” is “If you don’t like something want to but you will love here and only here.”
It’s the good and the bad and the entire and the lovely and the ugly things about life and covering that in each other.
Love is a universal thing.It’s that happiness you get when you see them excited over something. It’s doing the dishes because they made dinner. It’s about listening to them or letting them cry on your arm after a hard day. It’s about taking out when it’s raining outside. It’s encouraging them that they are beautiful on days they pick themselves aside. It’s listening to their loved music, even if you hate it because it makes them happy. It’s that first kiss after a dispute that you worked through. It learns little things, like how much sauce they like on their spaghetti. It makes know the scar on their knee from when they discovered to ride a bike. It’s keep holding their hand in public. It’s grabbing their favorite candy. It has a great day and wishing they were standing next to you. It’s the right moments and the bad. Don’t judge someone’s story, just because of the chapter you walked in on.
Love is a universal thing, but it shouldn’t be hard.

Now from below, there are some of the best picture inspiring quotes about love-relationships quotes.


41 inspiring quotes about relationship


41 inspiring quotes about relationship


41 inspiring quotes about relationship

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